10 Simple steps worth trying for slow PC - How to fix a Slow PC Laptop/Desktop

A Slow PC problem can be described in different ways like how to fix a slow pc or computer running slow with windows 10, 7, 8, xp or Why my Laptop Desktop running Slow or my computer is performing very slow keyboard or mouse working slow screen is freezing, Browsing or downloading is slow on PC. We have tried to cover almost all possible reason and solution for a slow PC in this article.

Some common Steps worth trying for an absolutely running slow PC :

Computer Restart

We all need to restart computer at least once or twice a day.

Spacious Hard Drive

If you are using a computer which has low disk space that can cause the slowness of a computer.

Avoid multiple Security

Using multiple security should be avoided as it might cause a software confliction, That can make a computer slow.

Over Heating

Heating Computer components and Processor gives a significant decrease in performance of a computer. You can put Good quality Cooling Paste on processor available in market and also consider cleaning of motherboard and processor fan if it is not been done for long time.

Too many running program in background

If a computer is loading too many unnecessary programs at stat up that will increase the startup time and computer will work slow.

1. Create Restore point

2. Uninstall All Unnecessary Software

3. Threat / Infection - Malware, Spyware, virus, Trojan etc. removal

4. Defragment Disk

5. Clean Disk

6. Delete Temporary files

7. Prefetch

8. Services

9. Clean Downloads folder & Empty the recycle bin.

10. Change the size of virtual memory

Additionally, Upgrade Hardware

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