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System Information

This tab gives you a complete look at hardware parts of your computer and disk space used and available in your computer.

System Performance

By Wiping unnecessary loads Like windows junk, recycle bin junk, temporary software junk, Internet junk, browser tool-bars, search add-on, unnecessary browser plug-ins, adware, by managing data & PC’s settings, Leading PC Fix helps you to do these all in just few minutes to help you ensure, your PC performance is up to mark every time you use it.

Browser Maintenance

Leading PC Fix effectively scans all browsers on your computer such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc. and completely wipes all your sensitive informations like user names and the passwords ever used to sign in to online accounts, deletes browser junk, adware, cookies and clears the cache all in one go. It improves browsing experience, web-pages load faster, download speed increases, no ads and no browser crashing at all.

Security and Privacy

Leading PC Fix acts smartly to remove all sensitive informations from your browser like your user id, email id and passwords banking details such card number and security codes, net banking user id and passwords and all banking session traces. Hence Leading PC Fix gives you complete security assurance to all your private and banking information ever used on your device.

Improve Window Performance

When you start a scan with Leading PC Fix, it goes through all the folders and files in your computer and speedily checks for any number of junk files which causes software errors and crashes while using the computer. Leading PC Fix acts wisely to remove those unwanted system junk files without harming important operating system files. This speeds up shutting down and restart process, no hanging and freezing problem, opening and closing a file faster than ever before, restores computer performance as much as possible. It gives you comfortable computing experience.

Schedule a Scan

Set and forget, that's correct. Now Leading PC Fix allows you to choose a Scheduled Scan at your convenience. A scan can be scheduled at any point of the time. Always schedule a scan and let the Leading PC Fix do the job for you.

Live Support

Leading PC Fix enhances the value of your money by giving you 24/7 Free live technical support in case of any difficulty using our software .

Cleans Registry

Every time we install a program on the computer the registry file keep increasing and when some program is uninstalled it leaves the leftovers as registry junk. These registry junks cause the performance degradation and system crash. Leading PC fix registry cleaner finds the unwanted registry files and removes them for the better and stable system performance.

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