10 Simple Steps - How to fix / Speed up Slow Sony PC

A Slow Sony PC problem can be described in different ways like how to fix a slow Sony pc or computer running slow with windows 10, 7, 8, xp or Why my Sony Laptop Desktop running Slow or my Sony computer is performing very slow Sony keyboard or mouse working slow screen is freezing, Browsing or downloading is slow. We have tried to cover almost all possible reason and solution for a slow PC in this article.

As the computer users are increasing day by day and and the internet has become a part of everybody's life. We all go on internet to find useful information and shopping, chatting, study materials, live shows, news, internet calling, rent, hire, job and much more...

The way internet users are growing every moment, internet threats are too. Besides of strict cyber rules, still there are people online who they keep spreading threats and infections on internet to steal identity, debit card , internet baking details, important files etc.

A computer infection such as malware, spyware, adware, virus etc is a set of instruction/code developed & combined together as a software may be too big or too small, hidden or visible in a computer.

Some common symptoms of an infected Sony computer could be computer not properly turning on, prohibited windows user account, Sony PC Laptop running slow file not opening, frequent shutdowns and restart, keyboard/mouse/screen freezing, redirecting to another websites, unknown browser homepage, steady pop up, graphic errors etc. related problems.

A computer user may come across an infection while sharing, downloading some file such as audio, video, software etc. or by sharing infected storage devices without any warning .

Though no body can claim about the security of a computer - any computer expert, antivirus manufacturer or resources.

It is always a good idea to keep your computer neat and clean by removing unnecessary files, folders, software etc from your computer as it makes your Sony laptop running faster not slow at all. Update and firewall of an operating system or antivirus should be always turned on. The Best practice to secure your computer is using an updated antivirus. If you feel your computer is not performing as expected or as before or something else is wrong. you can follow some simple steps given below or contact a certified Computer Expert.

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Disclaimer : All the information in this article is published in good faith. Publisher of this article is not responsible for any loss or damage to your computer. Please take the back up of all your important files before you proceed .The PC tune up steps given in this article are tested and applied on several computers and work well.

Some common Steps for an absolutely running Sony slow PC :

Computer Restart

We all need to restart computer at least once or twice a day.

Spacious Hard Drive

If you are using a computer which has low disk space that can cause a Sony pc to run slow.

Avoid multiple Security

Using multiple security should be avoided as it might cause a software confliction, That can make a Sony computer slow.

Over Heating

Heating Computer components and Processor gives a significant decrease in performance of an Sony computer. You can put Good quality Cooling Paste on processor available in market and also consider cleaning of motherboard and processor fan if it is not been done for long time.

Too many running program in background

If a Sony computer is loading too many unnecessary programs at stat up that will increase the startup time and Sony computer will work slow.

1. Create Restore point

Before we start with the tune up process lets create a restore point for Sony Computer. Restore point helps us to restore the system to back date as it used to be before.To do this press windows key and letter r together on the keyboard (see Fig. 1.1). You get run window (see Fig. 1.2). In Run window type sysdm.cpl and Clink Ok Button (see Fig. 1.3). you get System Properties window. Click on system protection from top. Look at the lower side of this window and locate create. Click on create an additional dialog will pop up, now type your preferred restore point name and click on create. you will get confirmation window saying created successfully.

2. Uninstall All Unnecessary Software

Get run window again (see Fig. 1.1). In Run window type appwiz.cpl. Click OK. Click on the Software name as shown in fig and then click uninstall. Follow the computer's instruction. Delete your unnecessary software one by one. As uninstalling unnecessary programs decreases the load on the computer and Sony computer runs faster.

3. Threat / Infection - Malware, Spyware, virus, Trojan etc. removal

A Sony Computer can start running slow if it has infections such as virus, Malware, Spyware etc. Best software you can use to perform this I recommend Malwarebytes - Download from : Malwarebytes.org, SUPERAntispyware - download from - superantispyware.com, CCleaner - Download from : Piriform.com. you can use their free or paid version both are good. Download and run the software one by one. Running any of these two software at the same time is strictly not recommended. you can run all recommended software one by one to ensure best security. (Note - while removing the threats and other harmful stuff detected by software you should always check the things you going to remove as it may capture your computer's important files for removal. However extra security measures are taken to develop these software and these software are rarely harmful. After cleaning uninstall the software.

4. Defragment Disk

This is used to optimize hard drive performance of Sony Computer. To do this Go to Computer (Keyboard Shortcut Windows and e together See fig). Right click on any drive. Click on properties --> you get a small windows said Disk defragmenter. Click on tools ---> click on defragment or optimize. A window with a list of all drive pops up. Click on the drive once and then click defragment/optimize. Do it one by one for all disk in this window. Defragment process may take a few minutes to some hours.

5. Clean Disk

press windows key and letter r together on the keyboard. You get run window (see Fig. 1.1). In Run window type cleanmgr. Click OK. Disk Clean up Selection window will open by default selected with C drive. if not C then select C Drive . Click ok --> now click on Clean up System Files located on the lower side of the window. A window pops up with C drive by default. click ok on this window. check mark all square boxes ( Note do not check mare if you see windows service pack, leave service pack unchecked - windows older version). Now click on More Options. on top of this window. This window is divided in two parts 1. programs and features. 2. System restore and shadow copies. Go to second part which is system restore and shadow copies below this you will see Clean up. Click on cleanup. A window will Pop up asking you to delete or Cancel. Click on Delete. The window will disappear. Now Click ok. A window pops up again asking delete files. Click on Delete files. Wait for some time it will delete unnecessary stuff and close automatically. It is mandatory to clean the disk of Sony pc every 2-3 months as it adds a new life to Sony computer and it just works faster and better.

6. Delete Temporary files

Temporary files are not useful files in your computer. These files get created automatically whenever you install or use a software or open the websites on your Sony computer. If these accumulate in large numbers, can make a Sony computer slow. So frequently visit this section and delete all temp files. To delete all temporary files, Get the run window --> Type in run box %temp% --> now hit ok --> you get temporary folder. Select and delete all items permanently using keyboard shortcut Shift and delete together.

7. Prefetch

Get the run window (see Fig. 1.1). In Run window type prefetch. you get prefetch folder. Select and delete all items permanently using keyboard shortcut Shift and delete together.

8. Services

Get the run window (see Fig. 1.1). In Run window type msconfig. you get System Configuration window. Go to services tab, top of this window --> Click on the square check box lower side of this window. to hide all Microsoft services. (Note do not uncheck any Microsoft or antivirus, Bluetooth, wireless etc. services until you are confident enough about the use of services, as checking/unchecking services wrongly may result serious computer problem.) Now unchecked all unnecessary services. Now click on Start up from the top of this window. The start up shows services loading automatically. you can uncheck all unnecessary services you wish to. Click apply and ok. you will be asked to restart your computer. Restart the computer to changes take effect. This makes turn on/off process of your Sony computer faster.

9. Clean Downloads folder & Empty the recycle bin.

Go to Computers (Keyboard Shortcut Windows key and e together). Check on the right side for downloads folder . Click on it - it shows all the downloaded stuff in the past. Once click on the item you want to delete then press Shift and Delete together to permanently delete. (Note : Shift + Delete deleted files do not go to Recycle bin so you can not restore it). Do it one by one. To delete everything from downloads folder simply click on any item and press ctrl + a. It selects all the items in this section. Now press Shift and Delete together to permanently delete them. Right click on the recycle bin icon and click on empty recycle bin.

10. Change the size of virtual memory

To do this press windows key and letter r together on the keyboard (see Fig. 1.1). You get run window (see Fig. 1.2). In Run window type sysdm.cpl and Click Ok Button (see Fig. 1.3). you get System Properties window.

Click on Advance from top.. Administrator permission required If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. On the Advanced tab, under Performance, click Settings. Click the Advanced tab, and then, under Virtual memory, click Change. Clear the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives check box. Under Drive [Volume Label], click the drive that contains the paging file you want to change. Click Custom size, type a new size in megabytes in the Initial size (MB) or Maximum size (MB) box, click Set, and then click OK.

Hint: If you have total RAM 4 GB then you can set Minimum 1536 Mb (1.5GB) and Maximum 3072 Mb (3GB).

Additionally, Upgrade Hardware

If your PC is very old then please also consider updating the hardware like RAM, Processor and Hard Disk.

All Done!

To make your Sony Computer Run Faster every time, please Repeat these steps on your Sony Laptop every 2-3 months. If you want to find this page again then search as How to fix a slow Sony pc. how to Fix my slow Sony pc. My Sony laptop is running slow. Please do not forget to leave a comment on this article. Thanks for reading.

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